Let's be honest, life can be full of dross at times - routine, stress, challenging situations, disappointment and sadness.  But (and here's the thing) it can also be full of joy and 'sparkly bits', if you look hard enough.

As you will see from my profile over there >> I am a wife, mum, friend, daughter, sister, colleague and blogger but most important of all, I am a daughter of The King.  I know that being guided by God and His truths is what will bring that deep sense of purpose and joy.  

Sometimes however, I fail miserably and go about my day without a second thought to His plans or with so much busyness and noise that I can't hear His gentle whispers to my soul. When He does speak to me, I want a place to  document those 'whispers'.....I hope that some of them may speak to you too.

Happy reading.

Suzanne x

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  1. I didn't realise you had this blog too. I like your approach to life and religion, based on what I#ve read so far.