Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Perfect Gift

Has Christmas got the better of you this year? I honestly feel that for me, it has. I've stressed over making memories. I've worried about what everyone else is doing and what perhaps I should be baking/making/buying.  I've got angry with courier companies who have not delivered presents when they promised to. 

I've overlooked the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas was never about presents. Well not ones bought from John Lewis and wrapped in beautiful brown paper with hand-made gift tags (just to clarify, mine don't look like that!). It was never about a lavish meal, with turkey and all the trimmings. It wasn't about making sure that everyone had enough to drink and the little star on top of the tree was perfectly symmetrical.

Christmas was about THE perfect gift - Jesus - sent to this earth as a rescue plan. If it weren't for that little baby in a manger, the one that we sing about on Christmas Eve, our lives would not look like the ones we enjoy today. We would not be living in the light of salvation, freedom, the best gift anyone could ever wish for.

But it's not too late. Today is Christmas Eve and I'm going to spend some time with Jesus. As we watch the last number on our advent candle slowly melt away, I am going to thank Him for obeying His Father. Thank Him for living a perfect life on earth and for dying so that we might have life.  Life in all its wonderful glory. 

Jesus IS the reason for the season.