Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Taking Risks

Are you a risk-taker? This question takes no amount of deliberation for me - I am not a risk-taker in any shape or form. I married one and that's about as close as I am every going to get! 

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a family from within our church community. For me, Sam and Hannah Fairs-Billam are the ultimate risk-takers - moving out to Zambia with their two young girls, in response to a dream that they believe God placed on their hearts two years ago - to be change-makers and bring hope to a broken part of the world. 

Listening to their story, I was completely blown away by their faith. They are living and working in the black African community in Zambia. As you can imagine, they face daily challenges, but one of the biggest is waiting on God to provide enough money for the following month. For them, every day is about leaning on God and His provision for them as a family, both practically and spiritually.

These people are true risk-takers. But instead of just 'winging' it and doing it for the thrills, they are content in the knowledge that God is their provider. They trust Him 100% (with the odd human wobble every now and again!). 

So here's the challenge......are the rest of us prepared to do this? God might not be calling you or me to move our family out to another part of the world but He definitely has a purpose for each one of us. One that we cannot fulfil if we aren't prepared to take risks. It takes bravery to step out and offer to pray for someone, to follow a prompting and take on a new area of ministry at church, hand in your notice at work because you feel God is calling you somewhere else but the path doesn't look clear yet. 

Unless we are prepared to live life on the edge just a little, then we will never know what it means to completely be at God's mercy in the way that Sam and Hannah are. I was so challenged when at the end of our conversation, Hannah said to me: "Life isn't easy, but I've never felt more fulfilled in my life. There's a satisfaction in knowing that we are in God's will, His plan for us"

Do you want that? Are you prepared to step out in faith and take risks? 
I think it's time the rest of us started.