Saturday, 8 March 2014

Playing God

Bruce Almighty is given the power to answer prayers.

I am a fixer. Tell me a problem and I will always try to find a solution. I know it's supposed to be a male trait (a rather irritating one at that!) but somehow I ended up with it too.

I am not sure why I do it, I've examined myself over the years and still haven't come up with a conclusion. Partly, I think, it's because I don't like to see people unhappy - who does? If I think I might be able to come up with a way to put a smile back on their face, then I will try with all my might to engineer it. The problem with this, is that it doesn't always end well. Mainly because I am not God.

Have you ever tried to play God?  

He doesn't seem to be performing the miracles as quickly as I would like, so perhaps I'll have a shot. In a sense, it's just another way of undermining God's timing and trying to take life into our own hands. Yes the motive is a good one - wanting to help others - but it's unlikely to end well because essentially we could be mucking up the perfectly orchestrated plan that God already has in place. Stepping in could actually mess things up!

I'm not saying that we should quit trying to help people, that would definitely not be a successful alternative but as I pondered on my over-zealous desire to fix things for others, I realised that I very rarely offer the number one solution: God. 

God is the ultimate answer to every problem - right? Not that He will necessarily fix things in a 'magic wand' kind of way but He will provide the person in need with the tools required to cope with their present circumstance: strength, comfort, hope, everlasting love, wisdom, peace. None of these are things I can provide. What I can do however, is point them towards God, then let Him do the rest, in His perfectly planned way.

  And my God will meet all your needs, according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4 v 19


  1. Blessings and well said. You are not alone in this -- and thankful you have a heart for others! Glad you know Him so that you can point others to Him :)

  2. Good Post. thanks for sharing.

  3. I visited your blog and think it's a good message

  4. We have started coaching each other here and it is so hard to just listen and then questions people so they come up with their own answers. I just want to fix it for them, but I'm learning. Mich x

  5. Well said. I definitely think that it is easy to turn to God as a last resort instead of the only resort.

  6. He is working.. in His own way, His own timing. ^^

  7. At times I find I go to God as a last resort, not the first. I too have an insatiable urge to fix things and provide solutions, this applies to people as well. DIY can be hazardous. Thank you for this 'nugget'

  8. I never realised it before but i have that wanting to fix things trait too. A great reminder Suzanne - thank you. x

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